Shouldering Our Share is a pilot initiative in partnership with Foothills Mennonite Church. The focus is reaching out to Canadian War Veterans who are suffering from the trauma of war, in the belief that PTSD is not only a Stress Disorder, but also a Social and Soul Disorder.  Shouldering Our Share believes that all need healing from the trauma of war, and that listening to each other is the way to begin.

Compassionate Communications Workshop:

  • Do you know how to turn a violent and angry argument into a constructive conversation? 
  • Do you know how to calm down the other without giving in?
  • Do you struggle with an inner voice that is constantly spouting self-critical comments?

Come and learn -  course will include practice time to learn ways of speaking and listening that enable deeper understanding of others and of ourselves. 

  • Location: Foothills Mennonite Church: 2115 Urbana Rd NW, Calgary
  • Time:  Wed, 7-9pm 
  • Dates: Feb 7 – April 25, 2018
  • Who:  Veterans, their families, volunteers, community members

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