Residential schools for Indigenous people in Canada date back to the 1870s. More than 130 residential schools were located across the country and the last school closed in 1996. These government-funded, church-run schools were set up to eliminate parental involvement in the intellectual, cultural and spiritual development of Indigenous children.

We are all treaty people…

~ Anabaptist church leaders to the TRC

During this era, more than 150,000 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children were placed in these schools. Many were forbidden to speak their language and practice their own culture. The ongoing impact of residential schools has been felt throughout generations and has contributed to social problems that continue to exist.

In Northwestern Ontario, there were three Mennonite-run residential schools: Poplar Hill, Wahbon Bay Academy and Cristal Lake. These schools operated between 1962 and 1989, affecting the lives of more than 600 children. These schools are now part of the "Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement."

View a map of First Nations affected by Mennonite Run Residential Schools in Ontario.

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