MCC Canada’s Indigenous Neighbours program strives to build respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

We do this by:

  • Teaching Mennonite constituents on Indigenous history, rights and issues using workshops, speaking engagements, publications and online resources.
  • Facilitating opportunities for MCC constituents and Indigenous partners to build respectful relationships.
  • Collaborating with Indigenous partners on advocacy to promote positive political, social and economic change for Indigenous Peoples.
  • Providing opportunities for international exchanges between Indigenous people.

In all programs we partner with Indigenous people, relying on their knowledge to guide our work.

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The Indigenous Neighbours program in the Maritimes helps create space for reconciliation through collaborating with Indigenous partners and educating non-Indigenous people about our common history and Treaty rights and responsibilities.

Knowing the history of how we got to where we are today is important for understanding current issues, but learning more about what has been done, and is being done, to remedy injustice is grounds for hope.”

—Peace and Friendship project participant, Tatamagouche, NS

We are available to offer resources, the KAIROS Blanket Exercise as well as training for facilitators of the Blanket Exercise. We can also speak in churches, schools, universities or with other groups about reconciliation. Please contact us at



Alberta’s Indigenous Neighbours program seeks to respond to the 94 Calls to Action put out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Our mandate is simple: educate ourselves, foster relationships, and show up when invited. We’ve started small, and continue to work as the spirit leads – networking, educating ourselves, and listening to stories. Education is a primary focal point - we can’t even begin to imagine a relationship if we haven’t first done our homework and taken the time to learn. So we’ve been getting creative and are waiting to see what inspiration will help guide us to a place of friendship and understanding.


  • Provide resources
  • Connect people
  • Host learning tours
  • Go for coffee
  • Facilitate Blanket Exercises
  • Speak at public events, church services, youth events, and in school classrooms


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Please contact the MCC Alberta office or Allison or Jim via email


Building relationships of healing, friendship and reconciliation between Indigenous and Mennonite people. 

The Indigenous Neighbours program works at connecting groups and congregations to renew relationships between the two cultures and address issues of social and economic justice.

MCC Manitoba is a partner in Healthier Together, a joint initiative of the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association, The Kidney Foundation of Canada and Heart & Stroke Foundation. Healthier Together is an early diagnosis and prevention program directed to the causes of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and kidney disease in the Aboriginal community. Find out more here.

For more information about MCCM's Indigenous Neighbours program, or to get involved, contact Kerry Saner-Harvey at (204) 925-1910.


Standing with First Peoples - engaging ourselves, and taking the time to understand the connections between the history, culture and the land belonging to Indigenous people.

See also: Truth and Reconciliation and Niska Artisans



We strive to foster respectful relations and work at building bridges of understanding with Aboriginal people. Our work includes the following:

  • Partnering with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC) to educate our constituency on how we are all Treaty People.
  • Supporting the work of Healing Hearts Ministries in Regina, who assist inner city youth in making positive life choices.
  • Creating opportunities for our constituency to engage in dialogue and learning through workshops and social events.
  • Working with MC Canada, MC Saskatchewan and the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan in exploring ways of working together to relate in wholesome ways to our First Nations neighbours.
  • Promoting conversations and activities which support the Stoney Knoll land reclamation.
  • Partnering with individuals and organisations who seek God’s work of reconciliation in addressing issues of disparity and injustice.
  • Working with MCC partners in promoting dialogue, advocating when invited and working with community in community development.


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