MCC has longstanding relationships with Low German speaking Mennonites living in communities and colonies across North and South America.

In Canada we have worked since the 1970s assisting families with their applications for legal status and other resettlement issues. We help Low German communities connect with local services and professionals, and maintain relationships with leaders in the communities. This helps remove barriers between Low German communities and those around them.

In Latin America we work with local leaders and organizations to increase community capacity to address issues like poverty, conflict, literacy, health and disasters. This includes the operation of resource centres that provide reading material and other resources, and support of agricultural programs and disaster relief efforts, as well as addictions treatment facilities.

We help promote German literacy skills through two publications, Mennonitsche Post (24 issues per year) and Das Blatt — a children's monthly magazine. For more information or to subscribe contact us at Die Mennonitische Post or 1-204-326-6790.

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Low German Newcomers

A look into the life of Low German speaking newcomers and some of the challenges they face arriving in Canada.

We provide settlement support to Low German newcomers through capacity development, networking, and advocacy and in partnership with Local Immigration partnerships and Adult Language and Learning in Chatham.

MCC is the sponsoring agency for the Community Action Program for Children at 4 locations and in partnership with:

  • Woolwich Community Services Low German family support (St. Jacobs)
  • Norfolk Help Centre (Langton)
  • Mennonite Community Services (Aylmer)
  • Chatham Kent Community Health Centre (Chatham)

Each of these sites has Low German-speaking staff who assist with interpretation and bridging connections between LG families and local community resources.

MCC provides leadership and support for the annual Low German Networking conferences for service providers in Aylmer and Leamington and also support the conferences held in Stratford and Wellington County.