Atlantic Canada

To learn more about the educational resources we can offer for building peace within families, congregations and larger communities contact us at We can provide the following resources as well as make presentations or discuss them:

A booklet that explores the dangers of pornography and helps find ways to prevent and overcome the harm it causes.

  • Following Jesus as a people of peace
  • Peace buttons 
  • Abuse response and prevention in homes and churches
  • Restorative responses to conflict and crime
  • Understanding and responding to the root causes of forced migration
British Columbia

MCC BC's Peace and Development Education Program provides individuals and church groups with opportunities to worship, discuss, learn, and share experiences of what it means to be people of peace on a personal level and internationally​.


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MCC Manitoba's Peacebuilding and Advocacy Program seeks to engage Manitobans of all ages to think, talk and live peacemaking. 
Peace engagement gives individuals, church and community groups opportunities to discuss, learn and share experiences of what it means to be people of peace on a personal level, within communities and internationally.

The program offers:

  • To provide churches with educational and advocacy resources about peace
  • To partner with congregations, conferences and schools to create opportunities for building peace skills
  • Trauma healing and resiliency workshops
  • To provides young adults in post-secondary education with opportunities to attend the  MCC United Nations Seminar in New York and the MCC Ottawa Advocacy Seminar
  • To facilitate interfaith dialogue and relationship-building across cultural, racial and ethnic divides both locally and internationally
  • Workshops that address the complexities of peace and justice in conflict areas like Palestine and Israel

Our peacebuilding program works to create more peace-filled spaces for MCCS connected communities and individuals where people will use tools to address past harms (increase trauma understanding), seek positive ways forward (participate in restorative justice opportunities), and create hope-filled relationships (engage in reconciliation action). We believe that these aspects are foundational in healing historical harms, addressing systemic injustices, breaking cycles of violence and building resilience.

Our peacebuilding program:

  • provides trainings on trauma awareness
  • equips constituency groups to respond to trauma and prevent future harm
  • facilitates healing for offenders by linking past harms to root causes of conflict with the law
  • promotes understanding of restorative justice principles and practices
  • promotes awareness about the realities of the criminal justice system
  • resources restorative justice organizations in the province, including promoting volunteer opportunities among our constituency
  • supports the reconciliation movement in Saskatchewan by:
    • producing the podcast “Reconcile: Everyday conversations.”
    • facilitating the KAIROS Blanket Exercise
    • active participation in Reconciliation Saskatoon and its education subcommittee

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