Today, there are over 70.8 million people displaced worldwide. Around the world, people become refugees when they are forced to flee their homes due to conflict or violence.

Since 1979 MCC has helped refugees who have no prospect of returning home to start a new life in Canada through our sponsorship programs.

MCC Alberta works to:

  • Promote refugee sponsorship and support churches through the process 
  • Inform Canadians about refugee policies and advocate for fair legislation
  • Provide resettled refugees support and help with settlement into Alberta

Our Private Refugee Sponsorship Programs include:

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For inquiries or to obtain more information, please contact Tyler Retzlaff at


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British Columbia

MCC’s Refugee and Newcomers Assistance Program seeks to share God’s love with refugees and newcomers in the areas of sponsorship, family reunification, settlement, and integration into Canadian society.

Refugee and Newcomer's Sponsorship

MCC works with refugees and displaced people in many forgotten places around the world. MCC BC also assists refugees by working with churches to sponsor refugees to come to Canada, and through our refugee office in Vancouver that assists refugee claimants (asylum seekers already in Canada).

2021 Sponsorships are now CLOSED.

Look for details in December 2021 for details on the 2022 Sponsorship Requests. Contact us at 604-851-7731, or by email at

Rena (pictured with her family) are refugees from Syria.MCC photo/Luke Tilley


Refugee Claimant Assistance Program (Vancouver)

With nowhere left to turn, MCC stands in the gap, assisting individuals in appealing the initial decision for their claim. We help individuals navigate the legal processes, giving them tools to be able to represent themselves and tell their unique stories. 

For more details, our Vancouver Office at 1-604-325-5524.

Jose hasn't lived in his home country of El Salvador since he was 8.MCC photo/Luke Tilley



We’re so thankful for the many people who want to help welcome refugees to Manitoba, as sponsors, volunteers or donors.

Through MCC Manitoba’s Migration and Resettlement Program we seek to:

  • Promote refugee sponsorship, linking refugees to sponsors in Canada
  • Support churches and community groups through the process of welcoming refugees
  • Provide public education on the plight of refugees
  • Advocate for fair legislation and help Manitobans get involved

While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of people in need, there are ways you can get involved and make a difference:

Interested in sponsoring refugees? Please contact us at 204-925-1910 or



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The BVOR program is on temporary hold during the COVID-19 pandemic and BVOR profiles are not available at this time.

We are in urgent need of sponsors - we have many refugees who are waiting for sponsors to bring them to Canada. The good news is, these refugees are coming through the Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Initiative.

Why is this good news? BVOR has several key benefits over the conventional 'private' sponsorship:

1) Cost sharing - There is financial help from the federal government - roughly 40% of the year's financial support will come from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

2) The refugees have already been processed and approved by IRCC making them travel-ready. However, they must be matched with a sponsor before they can travel to Canada. Travel in most cases is between 4-16 weeks.

Here are some sample profiles of those waiting for a sponsor.   

Prayerfully consider opening your hearts to help bring new hope and life to those in search of peace.

Learn more about the Blended Visa Office Referred program and how you can help at

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of refuge" Isaiah 32:18



MCC works with displaced people around the world. Here in Saskatchewan our program works to connect people and resettle families in our communities.

Our purpose is to provide hope and enable autonomy and integration into Canadian society, for people who are currently victims of forced migration.  We also seek to build the sort of awareness that can impel power-holders to address the root causes of the global refugee crisis. 

The Syrian refugee crisis greatly increased the number of refugee sponsorships we facilitate and resource. We continue to see high numbers of refugees in need as the global refugee crisis persists.  They need is much higher than we can meet with our current resources.

The Migration and Resettlement program:

  • Promotes refugee sponsorship, linking sponsor groups with refugees around the world in need of safety
  • Provides relationship-based support for churches and community groups through the process of welcoming and resettling refugees during the first year of sponsorship
  • Provides training and resourcing sponsor groups as they help newcomer families integrate into communities in Saskatchewan, including how to meet the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

We also seek to educate and advocate on behalf of the over 65 million refugees in the world today. We do this by:

  • Providing public education about the root causes of displacement.
  • Creating opportunities for constituents and the public to engage in advocacy for equitable, systemic solutions for refugees.

If you are interested in refugee sponsorship or learning more about current refugee realities please contact MCC Saskatchewan’s Migration and Resettlement staff at 306.655.2555.

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