Our peace button dates back to 1989, when a pastor in Ontario suggested that MCC share a message of peace during the Remembrance Day period. MCC Ontario embraced the idea and the simple message “to remember is to work for peace” was born. 

Since then, the red button with the message of peace and the MCC logo has become one of our most requested items. While we know the buttons are only a part of remembering, thousands are distributed every year in both of Canada’s official languages

We invite you to wear the peace button and to remember all people who are affected by war.

MCC is thankful for your donation to help cover the cost of producing our peace button.

Ordering buttons

The peace buttons are 4.3 centimeters (1 3/4 inches) in diameter and in three colours (red, yellow and white). They are priced at:

1-24 pins  $1.00 each

25-99 pins $ .75 each

100+ pins  $ .50 each

Buttons are available in English or French.

To order, contact your nearest MCC Office
Shipping charges may apply.

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