An MCC food distribution, with local partner ECS-SUDRA, in Unity State, South Sudan where the United Nations has declared a famine.Photo courtesy of ECS-SUDRA

Many countries in Africa are now facing a hunger crisis. Millions of people do not have enough food to feed their family. 

Please give today to help people access the food they need to survive.

MCC is responding to famine and hunger in countries like South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Chad. Our projects range from food distribution to cash transfers; from clean water to canned meat; from nutrition training to trauma healing. The causes of hunger and food insecurity are complex and we are grateful to work with local partners who are resilient and creative in the face of this crisis. 

Earlier this month, we were able to distribute emergency food assistance to 245 households in Unity State, South Sudan, where the UN recently declared a famine. Conflict and violence had been preventing many humanitarian organizations from being able to help until very recently. Through our partners, MCC is also working to establish malnutrition treatment centres where services are currently unavailable. These centres will provide care for more than 12,000 children under five, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

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