(updated December 2014)

With the support of your generous donations and grants, MCC used $16.9 million to help Haitians recover from the earthquake that devastated the capital of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas on Jan. 12, 2010.

After addressing urgent needs, we focused on repairing and building houses (pictured), strengthening opportunities for jobs and education and supporting Haitians who are advocating for their rights to safe housing. 

We prioritized projects that addressed root causes of the excessive devastation -- unsafe building practices and overcrowding in the capital.

Too many people lived in Port-au-Prince because they didn't have opportunities for jobs and education in the rural areas. Therefore, much of our response in the past five years was done outside of the capital so that people can support themselves in their home communities.

Nearly $2 million more will be spent on earthquake response projects in 2015 and beyond.

See photos of MCC's work in Haiti over the last five years.

MCC’s Haiti earthquake response: By the numbers

$16.9 million spent since 2010
Nearly $2 million in addition is being spent on earthquake response projects in 2015 and beyond

45,528 people received food assistance
26,788 comforters distributed 
6,680 water filters provided
6,344 people received cash transfers or were part of cash-for-work projects
2,981 participants gained skills in agriculture or livelihoods trainings 
826 homes repaired or constructed
1,616 people learned tools for trauma healing or conflict resolution
1,131 students benefited from school reconstruction or support