In response to the Nepal earthquakes MCC is delivering assistance to more than 3,000 families in the districts of Dhading, Lalitpur and Okhaldhunga. Through our local partners families received food and household items such as tarps, blankets, mattresses, hygiene items, kitchen utensils and flashlights.

In addition, in Lalitpur we are providing oral rehydration (like Pedialyte) and hygiene supplies as well as supplemental food to families with children under two years old. We are focusing on families who are especially vulnerable because of age, health and poverty.

Our partners for this emergency response are SAHAS (Group of Helping Hands) Nepal in Okhaldhunga district; Rural Institution for Community Development (RICOD) in Lalitpur; and Shanti Nepal in Dhading.

Completed relief projects:

  • In Okhaldhunga district 789 households received emergency food, and 489 of those families also received household items such as tarps, flashlights, soap and kitchen utensils.
  • In Lalitpur, through our partner MCC distributed three weeks of food assistance to 300 households as well as kitchen utensils, blankets, tarps, water treatment supplies and soap.
  • In Dhading district 1,100 households received two weeks of dry food. This helped meet immediate needs while further assessment is done in this remote area.

Current relief projects:

In Okhaldhunga

  • 166 households not covered in the completed distribution will receive food packages and household items such as tarps, soap, mattresses and blankets.
  • 191 families from the first response in Okhaldhunga will now receive sleeping mats and blankets.  
  • 450 households in additional villages will receive enough food to last three weeks. These families will also get tarps, soap, mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets. Priority is given to female-headed households, households with disabled, injured or deceased family members.

In southern Lalitpur

  • a second distribution will provide supplementary food to 500 children under the age of two.
  • 200 households not covered in the completed response will receive household items including blankets, mattresses, cooking utensils and flashlights.  
  • 500 families will receive hygiene supplies and oral rehydration solution (like Pedialyte).

Priority is given to households with pregnant mothers; nursing women; elderly; children under five; people that are injured or with a disability; and to female-headed households.





MCC delivers relief supplies in Nepal