The Palestine Land Exercise is a 90-minute experiential learning tool designed to help participants understand the history and current context of Palestine and Israel. This exercise was developed by MCC staff, based on an original script prepared by Doug Rigby of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The exercise takes places in a large room (hall, gymnasium or large classroom) where the floor becomes the land of historic Palestine. Cloths and ribbons demarcate changing boundaries. A few simple props add visual effects. A powerpoint presentation with a series of maps may be shown as the exercise is taking place.

Participants become the people of the land. Guided by a narrator using a prepared script and a facilitator, the participants “walk through” over 100 years of history. Participants move about on the “land,” carry out simple actions as requested, and read scrolls containing brief stories.

The first half of the 90-minute session is the actual exercise. The second half is for a time of reflection and discussion about the experience. If necessary, the two parts can be done in two separate sessions.

If you would like someone from MCC to facilitate the Palestine Land Exercise for your group, contact your provincial MCC office.


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