The Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.MCC photo/Doug Hostetter

Christians, Jews and Muslims have abiding interest and investment in the land of Palestine and Israel. Mennonite Central Committee has worked in this region for more than 65 years. We are frequently asked by supporters and others about this work. This resource aims to continue those conversations by sharing some of the questions we are asked most frequently and how we respond to them. We hope this resource contributes to our ongoing engagement with all who have interest in the topics below.

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Recent History

What does the Bible say about Palestine and Israel

Palestinian Christians

MCC in Palestine and Israel


As a Palestinian, I know full well that the people of Israel are not freer than we are. Both Israelis and Palestinians live in fear. Neither Israelis nor Palestinians have peace. Both Israelis and Palestinians yearn for security. Others cannot give us freedom, peace, and security. No government, no army, no wall no matter how long and high will provide for us what can only be supplied by the cultivation of mutuality and trust.”

—Jean Zaru

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