MCC's impact is global, and it's also very local—including right here in Manitoba. We're walking alongside Manitobans to build healthy communities, families and relationships through a variety of programs:

Abuse Response and Prevention - Promoting positive family life, empowering churches and individuals to respond to abuse, and offering support to people impacted by abuse

Indigenous Neighbours - Building relationships of healing, friendship and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Manitobans through education, advocacy and conversation.

Initiatives for Just Communities - MCC supports restorative justice in Manitoba by partnering with IJC, a faith-based organization offering friendship, support and care to some of those who need it most.

IVEP - Building cross-cultural friendships and supporting local organizations through year-long work placements in Manitoba for young adults from around the world.

Migration and Resettlement - Helping Manitobans respond to the needs of refugees and displaced people around the world.

Newcomer Housing - Providing safe, secure and affordable housing for newcomers through a sponsorship agreement with Old Grace Housing Co-op in Winnipeg.

Peacebuilding and Advocacy - Helping Manitobans of all ages to think, talk and live peacemaking through education, advocacy and dialogue.

Sam's Place - Providing mentorship for youth and a hub for the community at MCC's cafe, used bookstore and music venue in the Elmwood neighbourhood of Winnipeg.


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