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Our work isn’t only global, it’s very local, including right here in Manitoba. We're walking alongside Manitobans to build healthy communities, families and relationships.

Did you know? You can invite MCC staff to give presentations, lead workshops, or speaker series in your church, school or other community gathering. Click here to find out more.

Our local programs include:  


Tree logo for MCC's abuse response and prevention program Abuse Response and Prevention equips churches, organizations, families, and individuals with resources and support.  
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Abuse Response & Prevention 

Abuse Response and Prevention is a Canada-wide MCC program that works to address realities of interpersonal violence and assist those in need. MCC Manitoba seeks to empower churches and individuals with the resources, supports and knowledge needed to respond to abuse in trauma-sensitive ways. To learn more visit our website AbuseResponseandPrevention.ca

Email Jaymie Friesen, Abuse Response and Prevention Coordinator or Val Hiebert, Assistant Program Coordinator for more information or call 204-925-1910.


Individual drumming The annual We Are All Treaty People celebration, organized in partnership with MCC, is held to build and celebrate relationships, and awareness around Treaty One with food, storytelling, crafts and dance. MCC photo/Bethany Daman

Indigenous Neighbours 

MCC Manitoba works to build relationships of healing, friendship and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Manitobans through education, advocacy and conversation. In all our programing we rely on Indigenous people for their knowledge and guidance. Learn more. 

Email Kerry Saner-Harvey, Indigenous Neighbours Coordinator for more information or call 204-925-1910.

Boissevain Resettlement Committee welcomes newcomers

Video of Heather Goertzen, co-chair of the Boissevain Resettlement Committee, introducing two newcomers who arrived on March 17, 2020.

Migration & Resettlement

Helping Manitobans respond to the needs of refugees and displaced people around the world. MCC Manitoba seeks to promote refugee sponsorship, provide educational resources and advocate for fair legislation. Learn more. 

Since 1979 MCC has helped refugees who have no prospect of returning home to start a new life in Canada through our sponsorship program. Learn more and get involved

Email Maysoun Darweesh, Migration & Resettlement Coordinator for more information or call 204-925-1910.

    Landscape photo showing mountainous terrain and buildings A photo taken by Betty Enns on a learning tour to Palestine and Israel. In the background of this photo is Har Homa, an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.
    MCC photo/Courtesy of Betty Enns

    Peacebuilding & Advocacy 

    Seeking to engage Manitobans of all ages to think, talk and be peacemakers through education, advocacy and dialogue. Learn more.  

    This is done through a variety of programs:  

    Email Marta Bunnett Wiebe, Peace & Advocacy Coordinator for more information or call 204-925-1910.

    Woman holding plate of food in kitchen. Li Christensen, volunteer, ready to serve dinner. In December 2019, Sam's Place hosted a special event featuring a Christmas dinner served and prepared by volunteers.MCC photo/Emily-Ann Doerksen

    Sam's Place

    At Sam’s Place we provide mentorship and employable skills for youth who may face challenges entering the work force. A hub for community, MCC's cafe, used bookstore and music venue is located in the Elmwood neighbourhood of Winnipeg. Visit sams.place to take a peek at the menu, become a volunteer or learn more. 


      Several people sitting on tree stumps in group shot. IVEPers pictured from left to right: Maria Elena Moshan Alvarez from Mexico, Stela Bristy Baroi from Bangladesh, Somita Tamang from Nepal and Khamhom Chingphuthon from Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos). MCC photo

      Young Adult Engagement 

      MCC offers many opportunities for youth and young adults to apply their talents, skills, and passions to serve overseas where they can tangibly impact lives, gain cross-cultural experience and spiritual growth.  

      • SALT – A year-long international service experience for young North American adults. 
      • Summerbridge – A paid summer program for young adults of diverse cultural backgrounds to serve their home congregations.  
      • UN & Ottawa Student Seminar Travel Subsidies – Travel subsidies for these student seminars are available for post-secondary Manitobans. For more information about upcoming seminars and subsidies, contact manitoba@mccmb.ca.

      MCC Manitoba supported programs: 

      Initiatives for Just Communities  

      MCC Manitoba supports restorative justice by partnering with IJC, a faith-based organization offering friendship, support and care to some of those who need it most. Learn more

      Newcomer Housing  

      Providing safe, secure and affordable housing for newcomers through a sponsorship agreement with Old Grace Housing Co-op in Winnipeg. Learn more


      Other areas of MCC Manitoba: 


      Small boy holding cloth sack in warehouse. Lucas du Plooy proudly holding up his completed hygiene kit. The Fort Garry Emmanuel Mennonite Church Kid's Club enjoyed learning about the kits and comforters that MCC sends around the world at the Winnipeg Material Resources Centre.MCC photo/Jessica Williams

      Material Resources 

      Material Resources responds to people who are in the midst of conflict, disaster or poverty. Collecting and shipping material aid such as school and hygiene kits, infant and relief kits, comforters, and other materials provides a tangible way to share God's love and help those in need.  

      For more information on donating kits, hosting your own kit-making event, volunteering individually or as a group, please contact us. Call or email the Winnipeg warehouse at manitoba@mccmb.ca or 204-261-6381 or Gord Letkeman at the Plum Coulee warehouse at manitoba@mccmb.ca or 204-829-3005. 


      Quilt design. Modern Pin Wheel quilted by Piece It Together. MCC photo/Sophia Bezoplenko

      A group of local quilters formed at the Winnipeg Material Resources Centre in the early 1990s after a young woman stopped by to ask if a special, worn quilt could be replicated. Since then, a small group of women have met regularly to make fundraising quilts in support of MCC.  

      Today, this core group of volunteers hosts the Piece It Together webshop, where the proceeds of their quilted projects support MCC’s tangible relief work year-round. 

      Visit Piece It Together to shop beautifully stitched quilts, table runners, hand bags and more! 


      Cashier at counter putting items into bag. Elvera Loewen, volunteer, packs a reusable shopping bag at the Kildonan MCC Thrift Shop in Winnipeg. MCC photo/Matthew Sawatzky

      MCC Thrift Shops 

      MCC Thrift shops are not-for-profit second-hand stores located across Canada and the U.S. that work to support the local and global relief, development, and peace work of MCC. There are 17 locations throughout Manitoba in Winnipeg, Altona, Steinbach, Morris, Brandon and more. Find a location near you

      Watch this video to learn the story of MCC Thrift. 


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      Relief, development and peace in the name of Christ. 


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