For MCC, peace is more than a wish. While many people know us for our relief and development work around the world, peace is the foundation of all we do. We know that without true peace, all our other work could be undone. That’s why peace is a part of everything we do.

After disasters, we plan carefully to make sure the way we distribute supplies doesn’t cause more harm. When building wells, our local partners know where to place them to minimize conflict. After war breaks out, we support trauma healing for affected community, and peace clubs that teach students how to build peace and prevent future conflicts. And when people are forced to flee their homes, we advocate for a future where migration is a choice, not a last resort.

For more than 100 years MCC has worked to provide relief, development and peace in the name of Christ. But we need more compassionate peacebuilders like you to keep doing this work. There are lots of ways you can get involved:

1. Request a speaker from the Peacebuilding Speaker's Bureau

Learn more about how peacebuilding is integrated into MCC’s different projects from relief, to development, to education or conflict resolution. We have a variety of speakers who work closely with MCC’s programs at home and around the world who can share stories from their experience with your class or congregation. They will help you explore what peacebuilding means in practice, and how it’s incorporated into MCC’s work.

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2. Ask the Canadian government to support peacebuilding


We have heard from our partners all around the world that non-violent, local peacebuilding needs to be a key pillar of Canada’s foreign policy. Peacebuilding can be part of development work and humanitarian relief, and it can be an alternative to foreign military interventions. You can learn more about the campaign, and use our email tool to ask the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development to implement change today. Join us in asking for more substantial and comprehensive support for non-violent locally-led peacebuilding.

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100 years of peace

Since 1920, MCC has worked with the church, partner organizations and supporters to share God’s love and compassion by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.