Peace Sunday 2020

MCC invites congregations to observe Peace Sunday on November 8th, 2020 – close to Remembrance Day – or another appropriate Sunday.

Peace Sunday is an occasion to preach, teach, reflect upon and witness to the gospel of peace as revealed in Jesus Christ. This year’s Peace Sunday packet theme is A refugee people. In MCC's centennial year, we focused on the theme of refugees and displacement to mark our long history of working with uprooted people. 

This packet is intended to help you and your congregation plan a Peace Sunday worship service, as well as related educational, advocacy and peace witness activities.

A refugee people: How the church can choose welcome in the face of global displacement


At the end of 2019, the number of displaced people in the world was the highest it has ever been. For those who do find a place to call home, there is an important message: remember and respond. Maybe you, your parents or grandparents have your own stories to remember and draw on. We certainly all have the stories of God’s people through the ages who have been forced to flee. Whether those stories are days or centuries old, they must shape who we are today. We are a refugee people.

We hope this resource can help guide, inspire or call your community into deeper action.

Peace Sunday 2020 resources

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