Reconcile. Everyday Conversations.

Since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) work across Canada and the TRC Calls to Action, all Canadians have been challenged to join the journey of reconciliation. Due to this call we have seen the term reconciliation become increasingly popular in our news cycle, organizational mandates, and within our churches. But how are people interpreting and working towards reconciliation? Senator Murray Sinclair stated, "If you thought the truth was hard, reconciliation will be harder." This podcast is a forum to face the difficult, complicated, and messy nature of reconciliation. We have heard Indigenous leaders call settler people to step into this reconciliation journey. Within this podcast we intend to deliberately place ourselves, those who come from a predominately settler background, in this space and identify where we can be challenged and encouraged to keep moving towards reconciliation.


Check out our podcast study guide! This guide accompanies the podcast for further reflection & discussion around reconciliation. Use it with a group of friends, a church group, a book club, or individually to dig deeper into your own perspective of reconciliation.

Download a copy of the Season 1 study guide here

Download a copy of the Season 2 study guide here

Reconcile. Everyday Conversations is a project of Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan aimed at facilitating conversations among settler/non-Indigenous Canadians around our role in reconciliation. We thank Mennonite Church Saskatchewan for additional funding support.


Project Coordinator: Heather Peters

Co-host: Ben Borne

Recording and Editing: Matthew Hildebrandt

Music by Queen Queen Josephine