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What can I do to help? Can I even make a difference?
Yes, you can make a difference. There are several ways you can support MCC’s ongoing response to the global refugee crisis.

  1. You can financially support MCC’s ongoing humanitarian relief efforts and  peacebuilding projects. In regions like Syria and Iraq, MCC is focused on providing emergency food, shelter, and non-food items. Click here to support these initiatives.
  2. Your community group, church, or workplace can partner with MCC to sponsor a refugee family to come to Canada. Learn more about sponsorship or contact your province’s Refugee resettlement Program Coordinator.
  3. You can volunteer to come alongside newly arrived refugees to build community and networks of support. Contact your local MCC office for more info. 

What kind of guidance and support can we expect throughout the process of sponsoring refugees? 

MCC is committed to supporting communities as they journey through the refugee resettlement process. You’ll be able to count on us for support as you plan for the arrival of refugee families, as well as assistance on how to best welcome refugees from particular nations. MCC will stay connected as you welcome refugees into your community, and our provincial Refugee Resettlement Coordinators are available to take your call or email – click here to contact them. 

As a sponsor, what are our responsibilities once the family arrives? 
When a refugee is sponsored privately, the sponsor is responsible for:

  • Reception at airport
  • Finding housing
  • Clothing
  • Food 
  • Transportation
  • Community orientation
  • Education
  • Language courses 
  • Finding schooling
  • Finding childcare
  • Finding medical and dental care
  • Any other additional living expenses
  • Emotional support and other logistical and settlement assistance

Where will the refugees come from?
MCC is actively responding to a refugee crisis that is truly global. We believe that God’s call to welcome the stranger from Deuteronomy 10:18-19 and Matthew 25:35-36 does not depend on nationality, religion, or geography. Though Syria and Iraq are centres of incredible refugee need, they are not alone. We invite you to join us in welcoming refugees from many different nations who also are facing very real danger and the need for immediate resettlement. 

Is resettlement in Canada really the only option?
For the refugees involved in this initiative, resettlement is the best option remaining. MCC works in partnership with the Canadian Government, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and local organizations to select refugees who are unable to return home and are unable to remain where they are. While MCC also provides humanitarian relief to areas of conflict and provides psychosocial care for traumatized individuals, refugee resettlement is the only recourse for those involved in this project. Your willingness to accept refugees in your community has an incredible impact on people’s lives. Read Hanan’s story.

How does the money work?
In the planning phase, you’ll work with MCC to develop a detailed budget specific to your community. Generally speaking, the costs of the resettling refugees depends on how many members of the family are being resettled.

Can I simply make a donation to MCC's refugee resettlement work?MCC is accepting donations designated to our Refugee Program in Canada and to refugee sponsor groups that MCC has approved as part of this program.

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