fuel truck
MCC water project assists 10,000 Iraqi families affected by ISIS February 24, 2017
Phibbs and Hofer family
Denver couple gives MCC one year of construction company income February 15, 2017
Naomi's colouring recital
Naomi's colouring recital February 14, 2017
Que Dieu vous donne sa paix February 8, 2017
Iván Osorto
MCC partner connections brings treatment for Chagas disease February 8, 2017
May God grant you His peace February 6, 2017
MCC Alberta Peace House February 2, 2017
Participant insight:I am happy to serve here February 1, 2017
Partner insight: like a breath of fresh air February 1, 2017
100% do it! February 1, 2017
Peacebuilding through responding to refugee issues January 30, 2017
Host insight: Felipe would be a blessing to our family January 27, 2017
Don Peters
MCC Canada executive director announces retirement January 25, 2017
Singing for Syria: Peacebuilding in Lattakia January 24, 2017
Peggy Pickett
My job makes me cry - and those are the best days! January 23, 2017