5 Christmas gifts that make a difference

This year, instead of getting your family member something they might not need or ever use, give gifts that make a difference in people’s lives around the world!

With MCC's Christmas Giving, we've got great options for everyone on your list. There are 25 life-changing gifts for your friends and family, and you can send everyone a personalized e-card. 

Here are a few of our most popular ideas to get you started:

One goat

MCC supports a project through partner AVOREDES (Volunteer Association for the Reform and Development of St-Jean-du-Sud) to help 150 vulnerable families in St-Jean-du-Sud, Haiti to develop home gardens and improve goat husbandry for better nutrition and food security, and to increase their income.MCC photo/Annalee Giesbrecht

Who wouldn't want this goat under the tree? Goats aren't just cute, for some families they can be like savings accounts, helping pay for larger expenses like school fees or medical bills. For just $60, you can buy one goat for a friend. 

Meals at school 

Saraya Mbuyi, 6, eats lunch at the Children's Care Centre in Durban, South Africa. The Children's Care Centre provides food and care for 124 children, about half of which are refugees. It’s run by the Union of Refugee Women, an MCC partner.MCC photo/Matthew Sawatzky

A great gift for teachers or someone who likes to cook! It's easier for students to learn when their bellies are full — this gift gives students nutritious meals and snacks so they can focus on learning. For $10 you can get one for everyone on your list. 

Dirt and worms!

Farmers Shom Murmu and Sukal Maddi, holding soil, demonstrate how worms are used to break down the soil in a vermicompost pit which is then used as fertilizer in their fields and kitchen gardens. Both farmers are participants in a food security project in Bolpur village, India, that MCC supports through partner ABSK (Asansol Burdwan Seva Kendra).MCC photo/Dave Klassen

The perfect gift for a farmer or the gardener on your list. Worm composting is a low-cost, eco-friendly way to help farmers grow more crops. For $25 you can give someone a big pile of healthy dirt this Christmas. 

Brood of chicks

Chickens belonging to Mariam Toppo feed outside of Toppo's home in the village of Sandalki. MCC is working with partner Disha (Hindi word for ‘finding the right path or direction’) in indigenous tribal villages in the district of Sundargarh in the state of Odisha, India. MCC photo/Colin Vandenberg

Chickens are an easy source of eggs and meat and can also be sold to increase a family's income. This gift will help provide families with chickens and the training on how to raise them. For $15 put a brood of chicks under the tree. 


Parul Rani Bormon, from Nayarnot Para village, is a beneficiary of an MCC-supported food security and agriculture project in the Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions of Bangladesh to improve food and nutrition security for 3,150 families. MCC photo/Dave Klassen

A gift of hope changes lives in so many ways. Can’t decide what gift to give? Give the gift that does it all. A gift of any amount towards hope is used where it’s needed the most. By giving the gift of hope, you are making a difference in a variety of ways, from disaster relief to education support to clean water.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring relief, development and peace in the name of Christ. Merry Christmas!

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