Christmas giving booklet
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Nine-year-old Mingma Tamang and her family were recipients of MCC support after their home was destroyed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Giving through MCC’s Christmas Giving booklet helps MCC prepare for a prompt response to the next disaster. 

What better gifts can you give this Christmas than goats, peacebuilding knowledge, seeds, school supplies or a well of clean drinking water?

Through MCC's Christmas Giving program, you can give gifts like these to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people in the name of your friend or family member.

When you give, MCC shares the financial gift with our partners at home and abroad, who are working with people in their communities to meet basic needs.

Just in case you need a bit more convincing, here are five reasons to give through MCC this Christmas:

  1. Joy
    Let’s face it. Giving makes you feel great. You can join us in the joy of giving by helping provide goats to people like Maryam Ali and her family in Ethiopia’s Afar region. Drought has caused the death of many goats that provided milk and meat. At home, you also can provide immigration training that ultimately helps newcomers in the U.S. Find other gifts that match your interests.
  2. The environment
    Every year people give gifts to their relatives and friends. A huge amount of carbon is used to produce these new things and creates waste that ends up in landfills. Why not choose to give to MCC and reduce the stress on our planet?
  3. Compassion
    On numerous occasions the Bible calls us to love our neighbours and show compassion and generosity to others, especially those who are suffering. Christmas is a great time to show God’s love in your family and friend circles. Maybe they will join you in giving to others through MCC. 
  4. Economically effective
    For the cost of a sweater or a scarf, you can provide access to health care for refugees in Beirut, Lebanon, or support community health initiatives in rural El Salvador. To make sure your money is used effectively, MCC closely monitors all our programs.
  5. Contributing to partnerships
    MCC partners with local organizations and church groups to better understand local issues. MCC workers develops long-term relationships as MCC commonly works with a partner for a minimum of three to five years, and often for much longer.

You may donate your Christmas gift online, or request a Christmas giving booklet to be mailed to you by contacting your local MCC office. When you donate online, you may download a card to send to your loved ones explaining the gift you’ve given in their name. If you give by phone or mail, gift cards can be mailed to you.

Please join us in the joy of giving this Christmas season!

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