Don Peters

MCC Canada Executive Director

“When we become part of God’s family, we become one family of brothers and sisters with each other. Are you ready to hear that?”

“Are you ready to pardon the sins of the past of others against you? Are you ready to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs you have committed? The wrongs your family has committed? The wrongs your group has committed?”

This powerful invitation by Paul Mosley, spoken to university students in Burundi last year when he and his wife Rebecca were serving as MCC representatives for Rwanda and Burundi, has stayed with me in the months since my visit.

We were in Mutaho, Burundi, with about 90 university students gathered for a four-day retreat. 

Likely every one of the 90 students in the room had been affected by brutal genocide that swept through this region 20 years before. 

Members of their family had been killed or killed others, and now here they are — Hutus, Tutsis and people from the marginalized Twa ethnic group — sitting together, reading 2 Corinthians 5, reflecting on their new identity as ambassadors of Christ.

Today, here in Canada, I continue to hold that moment and these questions in my heart — how can we, in our different contexts, continue to work toward that invitation?

Are we ready to become one family — with all of our neighbours, both here and across the world?