Don Peters
MCC Canada Executive Director

On a recent trip through northern Zimbabwe, our car passed a woman carrying a large empty water container. My question: “How far is she going for water?” Too often the answer is 5-10 kilometres. An early morning walk to fetch a scarce, essential substance of life.

The book of Genesis has an intriguing reference to wells dug, then filled with earth, as people come into conflict with each other. Isaac, in search of water, moves more than once, finally finding a place where water from the well he digs does not spark a quarrel. He concludes, “Now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land” (Gen. 26:22).

I’ve seen MCC’s work with sand dams in Kenya and the construction of earthen dams in Zimbabwe. I’ve seen hundreds of people come together to work for the common good of accessible water. And what the community creates, it protects and sustains. The gardens grow. Livestock are nurtured. The valley greens.

In reading about wells and sand dams in Mozambique and food projects in Nepal and Bolivia, we invite you to see how MCC and its partners are working to reduce the length of the morning walk for the basic essentials of life, to bring new fruitfulness to the land and to help replace conflict with cooperation.