Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well, a woman with a reputation, drawing water in the heat of the day, likely to avoid undue attention. 

Yet by the end of their dialogue, she has enough conviction and dignity to convince her community to come to “see a man who told me everything I have ever done!”

This is a story of transformation, dignity restored.

In Ukraine, MCC’s partners have deliberately given themselves names like New Life Charitable Fund, Word of Life and A New Chance in Life.

“The Gospel and these kind people helped me restore my life,” Slavik Lobatch says of volunteers who visited him in prison. Now released, he gives his time to visit prisoners and share that kindness.

Natalia Mezentseva’s first-person article is a heart-wrenching story of life restored. When her pastor says, “I don’t know your heart and your mind, but God knows it all,” we turn in our thinking to the woman at the well and her discovery of the “man who told me everything I have ever done.”

MCC remains active in Ukraine, which has the highest HIV infection rate in Europe and has entered a perilous period of political instability. It is our will and hope to continue working with partners for new life in times such as these.

Don Peters
MCC Canada Executive Director