Don Peters

MCC Canada Executive Director


This issue of A Common Place highlights courageous MCC partners in urban areas of Honduras where gang territorial conflict is often the order of the day. 

Merelyn Amaya, a project coordinator, prays to be held in God’s hands as a gang member fires a warning shot into the ground next to her feet. Pastor José Fernández, whose Evangelical Mennonite congregation held a prayer session in the streets one night 90 meters from momentarily idle gang members, recalls Jesus waking in a boat in the storm and how he didn’t leave (Mat. 8:23-27).

I think of the lyrics of Storm Comin by the Wailin’ Jennys, “When that storm comes, don’t run for cover … Will you listen to that thunder roar and let your spirit soar?” These are inspiring people. People who don’t think of themselves as out of the ordinary. People willing to risk to bring hope to others, willing to live in the middle of the storm. They can’t still the violence as Jesus calmed the wind and waves, but they won’t run for cover either.

Their presence is testimony of the power of the church. “God gave us the hope that this will stop.” And so they stay. MCC is gifted by working with such people in Honduras and in every country where MCC ministers in Christ’s name.