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Rick Cober Bauman shares about his own experience with leadership development in his 20s with MCC
I remember the summer of 1981 when I was a young MCC volunteer in Sachigo Lake, a tiny, fly-in Oji-Cree community in Northwestern Ontario. No experience in my 21-year life had been as transformative.

As I look back, it was a remarkable time of learning – and of leadership development. I’m grateful to have been part of MCC’s long and sacred practice of investing in people under 30.

We need to continue to celebrate and cultivate the leadership capacities emerging in younger MCC workers from Afghanistan to Alberta, from Burundi to B.C. 

In recent travels, I encountered a host of amazing leaders:

  • two former IVEPers, one who is now the senior leader in a national Anabaptist church, and the other successfully managing a poultry farm supplying eggs to his community in Kenya;
  • current young staff in Nepal who are stepping into responsible and visionary roles with MCC;
  • older MCC leaders deeply commited to inviting younger colleagues to step up and lean in.

In this issue, you will meet Omery and Lani, two young women who encounter each other through MCC’s Seed program in Colombia. Not just any leadership development will do in a country recovering from decades of brutal war. This is revolutionary, non-violent leadership “that is humble and comes from the community itself.”

We invite you to join with MCC as we invest in young Jesus-followers who are seeking God’s kingdom come and God’s will be done on earth.

Rick Cober Bauman
MCC Canada Executive Director