"If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably
with all." (Romans 12:18)

For nearly 100 years, MCC has worked to build peace around the world. But it’s not always easy to demonstrate the success of these programs. After all, successful peacebuilding means conflict is averted — and those kind of stories don’t end up in media headlines. I’ve had the privilege to meet many MCC peacebuilders face-to-face, and I greatly admire their zeal and commitment to living out Christ’s call to reconciliation.

Take, for example, Issa Ebombolo. More than a decade ago, Issa started a project called Peace Clubs in Zambia. One of Issa’s most compelling stories is about how violence was prevented when students trained through Peace Clubs convinced their armed and angry parents to spare their school principal who had embezzled examination fees.

Last year, Issa travelled to Canada to finish his peace education and he generously accepted the request to share his story with our communities. Quickly, his schedule filled with invitation after invitation. Churches and schools, camps and prison ministries wanted to hear this Congolese missionary preach the gospel of peace. Issa’s enthusiasm was contagious, and hundreds wanted access to this simple but powerful path to Jesus-centred reconciliation. Soon Issa’s Peace Club curriculum will  be available in Canada!

It’s difficult to report on violence that has been prevented. But the healing nature of the gospel of peace is fundamental to MCC’s work, and I invite you to appreciate the stories of our peacebuilding ministry in the latest issue of A Common Place. 

Grace and peace to you,

Rick Cober Bauman
MCC Canada Executive Director


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