MCC Alberta

Material Resource volunteers packing kits in our Alberta warehouse.  

Frieda Peters, a long-time member of First Mennonite Church in Calgary passed away October 10, 2014 at the age of 96. 

Frieda was a wonderful supporter of MCC and a dedicated donor to Material Resources.  In earlier years she and her sister, Susie, made beautiful blankets to be shipped overseas.  These were impeccably put together. Each item was selected with great care - even the towels were colour coordinated!  Good quality was very important to her. She gave her best as she felt it was “giving a gift to the Lord Himself”.

Frieda’s family had first-hand experience with Material Resources. She and her family spent time in a refugee camp in Europe after WW2 where they received refugee bundles.  When Frieda’s mother opened hers, there was a bar of soap.  That bar of soap was opened and passed around the room so each person could have a turn savouring the smell. 

It was this experience that led to soap donations.  Many years ago, Frieda’s mother started donating the number of bars of soap each year as she was old - as a birthday present.  This tradition was passed on to Frieda and her sister. Frieda dropped off her birthday soap last spring! All 96 bars of it!! She figured that between the three of them they’d easily donated more than 2000 bars of soap. 

Whenever she dropped off her donations, she always came upstairs to look in the warehouse and say hello.  I will miss that.  

Written by: Linda Dickinson, MR Coordinator, MCC Alberta