MCC Photo/Angela Bennet

The combine finishing the Grow Hope South Field

Alberta's Grow Hope for 2018 was a huge success! For a second year, Richard and Esther Goerzen offered 100 acres for the Southern Alberta Grow Hope project. After adding an additional project with a group of farmers in Northern Alberta we had over 200 Grow Hope acres, and all were sponsored! With the sale of the crop this winter that may be worth as much as $100,000 for food projects around the world. As well, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank match from the government can turn that $100,000 into as much as $400,000!

Thank you to everyone who supported Grow Hope!

Grow Hope North project was harvested on Sept 8. It was amazing to watch 14 huge combines and numerous trucks active on one 135-acre field, finishing in just over two hours, coinciding perfectly with the rain! 

You can check out a video from that day here!

The Grow Hope South project was delayed by the extreme weather (snow) in September. After waiting five weeks for the snow to melt off the crop, it was harvested on October 23. 

You can check a video from that project here!