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Barbed wire was used extensively in the First World War. The red butterfly in the midst of the barbed wire suggests that war is not inevitable -- another way is possible.

This resource packet for public school teachers offers suggestions for observing Remembrance Day in ways that nurture a culture of peace. On the centenary of the First World War, the packet demonstrates that Another way IS possible.

The packet includes:

  • suggestions for a Remembrance Day Assembly;
  • basic information about the First World War;
  • information about alternatives to war;
  • stories of peace and nonviolence;
  • activities for the classroom.

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Additional resources

Seeking alternatives: Are nonviolent responses to terrorism possible?

Crossing to the other side: Living as people of peace in a time of fear and terror(Note: This resource was created especially for Anabaptist churches.  However, many of the ten stories included will appeal to students and others beyond the church.)