Nick Schuurman

For the past few years, Nick Schuurman has been creating stunning prints of passages from the Bible.

Inspiration can take many different forms. For some, it’s a verse from scripture. For others, it’s a song, a piece of art, or a sunset. For Nick Schuurman and his wife Meghan, it came from their experience with MCC Ontario’s Restorative Justice Program. For the past few years, Nick has been creating stunning prints of passages from the Bible. Now, they’re available for purchase across Canada with all proceeds supporting MCC’s work at home and around the world.

“The whole thing started while I was doing an internship with Circles of Support and Accountability here in Hamilton,” Nick explained. “In my spare time, I was making little prints, as gifts, for friends and family, based on verses they found meaningful. Along the way, a bunch of people suggested we try selling them. That was about the same time that the announcements came out regarding funding cuts to COSA, and so we decided to give anything we made, less the cost of supplies, to support that work. Once we started selling more prints, we decided to give the money to the broadest pool of MCC resources, to be used where it is needed most.” 

Nick and Meghan continue to add new designs that inspire, encourage, and remind us all of God’s call on his church to build peace and to love others. It’s in that spirit that they have made their project accessible to those on a tighter budget. “We've never charged much for the prints, and never intend to, because as much as we value the profits going to MCC, we also value people being able to have the prints and make requests for passages they love, especially people who would not otherwise be able to afford art.” 

Art is, at its best, an incredibly genuine form of expressing oneself. We at MCC are grateful and honoured by Nick and Meghan’s efforts, and we hope that you find inspiration in their work as we have.

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