photo of Sensamaust family
MCC photo/Kinani Sourabie

Adam and Sarah Sensamaust are MCC representatives in Burkina Faso and live in Ouagadougou with their daughters, from left, Anaïs, 5; Sabine,1; and Charlotte, 7.

Name: Adam and Sarah Sensamaust (serving with children Anaïs, Sabine and Charlotte)

Hometown: Harrisonburg, Va. (Park View Mennonite Church)

Assignment: As representatives based in Ouagadougou, we oversee MCC’s work in Burkina Faso, communicating with MCC partners and workers from our office and going out to visit projects and people taking part in them.

Typical day: We bike to the MCC office, work in the morning and then return home at lunch for the traditional afternoon repos (French for repose). We eat together as a family, then we go back to work and our daughters play with friends in our neighbourhood.

We find value in exposing our family to a culture other than our own." -Sarah Sensamaust

Joys: We get the chance to work with and be friends with some of the greatest people in the world — the Burkinabé (people of Burkina Faso). We are surrounded by Burkinabé who have deep faith — not just that the rainy season will always return to water their crops, but we also see how Muslims and Christians live together in peace and are bonded in respect for each other's faith.

We’ve grown to look forward to unexpected breaks in our work day when partners stop by for a cup of tea and a chat. We also get great satisfaction in improving our French and watching our girls grow up bilingual.

Challenge: The heat! For part of the year it’s well over 40 degrees and we are very aware of how close we live to the Sahara desert.