Name: Stephen Deunk

Hometown: Leduc, Alberta (Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church)

Assignment: As planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (PMER) coordinator for MCC in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, I get to be actively involved with MCC staff in planning and following up on projects in peacebuilding and other areas.

Typical days: I may be on the phone with field staff to support data collection, coordinating a working group to plan a new project or at my computer writing a six-month report. My work is never boring, and I am always challenged to find new ways to strengthen our planning and monitoring systems to support a strong program.

What I’ve learned: Due to my social and economic status, my voice can be given a privileged position, and this can weaken planning, monitoring and evaluation processes. Technical know-how is not equivalent to vision and strength, and the voices and efforts of people striving to overcome their own circumstances can generate hope, create vision and galvanize action.

Joys: Supporting the creative work here. I enjoy finding new ways to bring MCC staff together to brainstorm, analyze and problem-solve, even though much of my work is focused on ensuring routine PMER tasks get done.

Challenge: Becoming overwhelmed by the size of global issues. Investments to address development issues can seem so minuscule in comparison to the scale of the problems and needs of people.

MCC often has positions available in planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (PMER). Workers have an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of local people, situations and challenges while helping plan for and report on MCC projects. Go to, contact your nearest MCC office or follow @servemcc on Twitter to learn about all current MCC service opportunities.