Stephanie Dyck
MCC photo/Zach Zook

Before COVID-19, MCC worker Stephanie Dyck, shown in Lebanon in 2018, had opportunities to visit MCC partners in various parts of the country.

Name: Stephanie Dyck

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, (Riverwood Church Community)

Assignment: I am a program coordinator for MCC’s projects in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. In addition to other projects, I am responsible for external grants, such as MCC food assistance projects in Syria and Lebanon funded by Canadian Foodgrains Bank and a regional peacebuilding project funded by the European Union.

Typical day: Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I meet daily (at least) through Zoom with MCC staff and staff of our partner organizations. Many days I am writing or reviewing reports for a grant-funded project or strategizing project adjustments to help partners adapt to an ever-changing context. I also represent MCC in different coordination circles, one way the humanitarian community works together in the broader response to those affected by conflict in the region.

Joys: The privilege of seeing partners and communities experience the change that they have worked so hard for come to fruition, even in the smallest of ways.

Challenge: These days I miss sitting with colleagues and partners and drinking one or two too many cups of Arabic coffee, learning more from the informal conversations that happen once the business of our meetings is over. The needs we try to respond to can feel heavy and we have had to find new ways to support each other.

Why I serve with MCC: The last 10 years I’ve spent with MCC, including my time in Lebanon, have been my small contribution to a world that will hopefully one day be a more just place for all people.

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