Getting along with a bicycle
Tinga Ramde, a farmer in Pella, Burkina Faso, used to ride a bicycle (with tires) to get from place to place. To provide for his family, he wanted a more stable income and better transportation for getting food to market.


Taking a chance on learning
In 2012, Ramde decided to go to MCC-sponsored training to learn new methods of cereal and rice production, vegetable gardening, and moringa and sesame plant production. During three years, MCC’s partner, Office of Development of Evangelical Churches (ODE), held training in 42 villages, including in Pella, where Ramde, right, and Leontine Gansonre live.​



Storing the millet harvest
Because of what he learned about growing millet, Ramde’s yield was so much higher he had to build several structures like this one to hold his excess harvest. Millet is a grain common in Burkina Faso that can be cooked or ground into flour.


Eating his veggies
Through nutrition training, he learned about the importance of eating vegetables, including these cabbages. He had money to plant the cabbages because of money he earned from selling extra grain.


Growing a new crop, moringa
He also learned how to grow moringa trees, trees that grow quickly, even in poor soil, and produce nutritious leaves.


Improving nutrition with moringa
The leaves of the moringa tree are high in protein compared to other greens. They can be used as a tea, ingredients in sauces and soups, cooked with couscous or fried alone.


Harvesting extra beans
Ramde also harvested a supplemental crop of beans that his family eats and sells.


Providing for his family
In 2014, after the most successful harvest Ramde ever had, he was able to purchase a motorcycle cart. Now he can more easily take crops to market, haul supplies and even transport his children. 


Photos by Adam Sensamaust, MCC representative in Burkina Faso; 
Text by Linda Espenshade, MCC U.S. news coordinator


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