Au milieu du désastre économique au Liban April 21, 2022
Menno au Québec April 21, 2022
Amid economic disaster in Lebanon April 21, 2022
The inside of a van that is full of people.
L’espoir résiste encore April 20, 2022
The inside of a van that is full of people.
Hope still standing April 20, 2022
Thien Phuoc Tran Quang, an IVEPer from Vietnam (2017–2018), volunteered at the MCC Material Resources Center in Ephrata, Pa., during IVEP orientation in 2017.
IVEP alumnus insight: I am not alone in this journey April 14, 2022
IVEPer Alex Kachkovskyi from Ukraine (right) visiting residents at Fairmount Homes in Ephrata, Pa.
IVEP partner insight: Seeing God's gifts used in ministry April 14, 2022
IVEPer Monica Raharjo form Indonesia enjoying a Christmas meal with her host family, the Detweilers, at their home in Wakarusa, Indiana. (L to R): Hillary Harder, Micah Detweiler, Kayci Detweiler, Monica Raharjo, Joy Detweiler, Randy Detweiler
IVEP host insight: Time is flying by with our IVEPer April 14, 2022
Stefanny Sierra Mendoza, an IVEPer from Colombia working the register at Nearly New MCC Thrift Shop in Reedley, Calif.
IVEP participant insight: A smile from the heart April 14, 2022
IVEPers at mid-year conference celebrate their home countries by each presenting their national flags and traditional clothing, Goshen, Ind., March 2022
IVEP staff insight: Nothing without perspective April 14, 2022
A group photo of YAMEN participants
Praising God together across barriers April 14, 2022
A man holds a box of MCC relief supplies
Threads - April 2022 - Musings from the Plum Coulee MCC Warehouse April 8, 2022
woman drinking from coconut
When faith and pain lead to service April 4, 2022
Why living off the land is crucial - and nearly impossible to do. April 4, 2022
Germinating Conversations and the art of listening well March 31, 2022