In Haiti, MCC is working with local communities and partners to plant millions of trees in the areas that need them most. MCC started reforestation work in Haiti in the 80s and the work has continued to this day: over the last five years, we’ve planted 2,368,964 trees, including 393,933 fruit trees. Not only do families benefit from nutritious food and the income from fruit and lumber sales, whole communities thrive as a result of healthier ecosystems—take a look at the graphics below to learn how.

In reforested areas, birds are coming back. 

Trees provide a renewable energy source for cooking. 

Trees provide lumber to build houses and they protect houses from the elements. 

Fruit and lumber sales pay for school fees. 

Fruit trees provide nutritious food, especially for kids. 


Trees reduce erosion and allow more water to penetrate the soil. reducing vulnerability to natural disasters like hurricanes and droughts. In reforested areas, streams are flowing again. 


Download the whole infographic. 

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