Linda Dickinson

Relief kits packed and ready to go!

COSA (Circles of Suport and Accountability) provides ongoing support to high-risk offenders as they leave prison.  Statistics show that COSA members are up to 83% less likely to reoffend and each dollar spent on the program provides $4.60 in savings. 

But beyond the numbers, there is the human evidence that COSA works and is an incredible program that benefits the community, and helps keep us all safer.  COSA gives them stability, teaches them empathy, helps them remain sober, and provides motivation to be functioning members of the community.  For many of them, the relationships they develop through the program are among the first healthy ones they’ve ever had.  As staff we’ve heard the stories of Christmas and birthday parties where someone has acknowledged that this was their first celebration (in their life) that didn’t involve violence, drug use or addiction. 

The COSA members aren’t people to be feared. They are human, just like the rest of us. They search for belonging and acknowledgement, just like the rest of us.  God’s grace and mercy extends to them, just like the rest of us. 

COSA spent some time on Saturday in the MR warehouse. They are always a hard-working and enthusiastic group – 180+ School kits and 55 Relief buckets worth of enthusiasm!  Many, many thanks to the members and volunteers who came and worked – your efforts are very much appreciated.