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Pillowcase dresses made by residents of the Grand Valley Institute for women worn by the children of incarcerated women in the DRC.


Each week, volunteers gather in the gym at Grand Valley Institute (GVI) for women and work with GVI residents to design and sew comforters used by MCC in our relief work. A safe and welcoming place within GVI is created, relationships are built, women learn new skills and volunteers gain a deeper understand of women who are doing time within our federal justice system.

This year, the women at GVI made 150 pillow case dresses for young girls and sent them overseas to the children of incarcerated women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The pillow case dresses were warmly received by the children and their families and the incarcerated women in the DRC sent personal gifts back to the GVI women as a way of showing their appreciation. It was very encouraging for the women to hear that their "gifts" had been warmly received. 

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