On August 15, 2021, Afghanistan once again came under Taliban rule. The situation is causing uncertainty about the country's economic and social future.


The cost of food has increased exponentially. Staples such as cooking oil and flour are difficult to find. Tens of thousands need support for the upcoming harsh winter season.


What you can do

  • Pray for the people of Afghanistan, including vulnerable women and children, and the many partners with whom MCC works. Pray that hope would not be extinguished during this season of uncertainty and fear. Watch and share the prayer video below on YouTube.




*MCC is not in a position to assist with evacuating specific Afghan citizens. We are grateful so many of you want to welcome Afghan families to Canada, but the situation regarding sponsorship for these refugees is still evolving. There are also thousands of refugees from other countries still waiting to be resettled and we welcome you to help give them new hope by supporting resettlement.

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