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MCC Ontario's Restorative Justice program.

Our Arise initiative works to develop community with women as they face the challenges of rebuilding their lives after incarceration. 

This past fall, a weekend retreat was held with 30 women in attendance. The purpose of the gathering was to assist with the journey of healing. We offered the women a session on Healing through Photography. Women were given a digital camera and a photography class from a professional photographer. Then they were free to take photos of nature and images of healing. Those who wished to participate had portraits of their tattoos taken by the photographer and in a group wrote the story behind their tattoo and the significance it had on their recovery and healing.

We are grateful to our staff and volunteers who offer support and create safe places for people as they rebuild their lives and journey towards healing from abuse, addiction and imprisonment.

These groups help us talk about what really matters - such as the pain some of us women have endured throughout our lifetime. I have learned how to identify with my true inner feelings.
        At one point in my life the only feelings I knew were anger, pain, hatred and hurt. And now, because of these groups, I know what happiness, love, faith, fun and much more are. I smile more than I frown. 


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