MCC Photo/Angela Bennet

Ruby and her brother bringing the cheque in for the money raised at Lemon Day.

Ella Stauffer and Ruby Loewen were inspired to help others!  With youthful enthusiasm, they each came up with an idea and motivated others to support their projects.

Ella Stauffer is a Grade 3 student who attends Lendrum MB Church in Edmonton. Earlier this year, during a class at school, she was learning about fundraising for projects that help people both locally and around the world. She was inspired by the possibility of helping others, but she was frustrated that there wasn't an outlet at school to do something about it. Ella talked with her pastor to explore if there was something the church could do. From this conversation, Ella created a MCC fundraiser she called, "Let's Get Together to Change the World". 

Ella designed posters and invited Sunday School children to collect recyclables, return them, and donate the proceeds. She didn’t stop there!  To make a bigger impact, Ella also invited the entire congregation to fill a money in a jar during coffee hour each week for nearly 2 months. By the end of the project, over $700 was raised! The money has been used to purchase supplies for 10 relief kits.   Building on the momentum started by Ella, Lendrum MB is starting a Peace Club to carry on the practice of talking about what we can do to work for peace and then do something together to change the world.

Nine year old Ruby Loewen attends Trinity Mennonite Church, near the town of Okotoks.  The town of Okotoks started the creative initiative called “Lemonade Day” to teach young people about planning and operating a business, and then encourages the young entrepreneurs to donate some of their profits to charity.  This inspired Ruby and she dove right in!  Ruby chose to raise money for MCC.  From the profits of her lemonade stand and donations she collected, Ruby was able to give $142 towards MCC’s tree planting project in Haiti!

Thank you Ella and Ruby!  You are making a difference!