MCC Photo by Nina Linton

MCC Photo by Nina Linton

The United Nations estimates there are 4.9 million people who need assistance because of the ongoing crisis in South Sudan. More than 800,000 people are displaced within the country and about 250,000 more are refugees in neighbouring countries.

There are concerns about the availability of food now and in the months ahead. In areas where armed conflict is interrupting agricultural work farmers have been unable to prepare for the coming growing season. There are also concerns about access to clean water and adequate sanitation for people in displacement camps, and the possibility of a cholera outbreak.

MCC is requesting your donations as we respond to this growing crisis.

We also welcome donations of material resources such as blankets, relief and hygiene kits. These items are in high demand, as we continue to respond to needs in other areas such as Syria, Ukraine, Bosnia and Serbia.

So far, MCC has provided almost $200,000 in emergency assistance for South Sudan and neighbouring countries. Here are the programs we are currently supporting:

  • Providing one meal a day for 3,000 displaced children living near the Awerial Diocese in Lake State. This project is in partnership with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan – Sudanese Development and Relief Association (ECSSS-SUDRA)
  • Financially supporting leaders from the South Sudan Council of Churches as they attend peace talks
  • ECSSS-SUDRA is providing emergency food for 4,000 displaced and vulnerable people in Renk.
  • Training sessions on trauma healing conducted by African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries in Juba. Eighty women and youth from local South Sudanese churches will take part.
  • Providing emergency assistance (hygiene items and blankets) to refugees arriving at Gambella refugee camp in Ethiopia and food assistance for refugees in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.


We also ask for prayers for the people of South Sudan. We appreciate your support and are thankful for all donations to our South Sudan emergency assistance work.