Five containers or emergency supplies are scheduled to go to Ukraine in the next couple of months, with more planned later this year. The containers will travel by ship to Rotterdam and then by truck through Germany, Poland and into Ukraine.

Ukraine has a massive need, and we need your help filling these containers. We have many comforters (thank you to our comforter knotting groups and individuals who have been sending us thousands of comforters). Still, we need relief kits supplies, hygiene kit supplies and especially soap. 

Relief kit supplies (new items only):

  • 4 large bars bath soap (leave in wrapper)
  • Shampoo (1 or 2 bottles, totalling more than 600 ml; place in resealable plastic bag) 
  • 4 large bars laundry soap (such as Sunlight®, Fels Naptha®, or Zote® brands)
  • 4 adult-sized toothbrushes (in manufacturer’s packaging)
  • 4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colours; approx. 75 cm x 150 cm)
  • 2 wide-toothed combs (15–20 cm)
  • 1 nail clipper (good quality)
  • 1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted)
  • Sanitary pads (THIN; 1 or 2 packages, minimum 28 pads total)

Hygiene kit supplies (new items only)

  • 1 adult-sized toothbrush (in manufacturer’s packaging)
  • 1 large bar bath soap (leave in wrapper)
  • 1 nail clipper (good quality)
  • 1 hand towel (medium weight, dark or bright colours; approx. 40 cm x 65 cm)
  • 1 wide-toothed comb (15–20 cm) 

And new bars of bath or laundry soap. All sizes and brands of bar soap are welcome. Please leave in wrapper.

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