MCC Photo/Anna Bulawa

Staff, volunteers and Circle of Friends members participated in a transformative six-week photography camp.

Circle of Friends participants took part in a transformative six-week photography camp led by local photographer Anna Bulawa. “Finding the Light” took participants out into the community, rain or shine, to capture beauty in everyday moments.
MCC staff person, Debora Moslehi, saw normally shy and reticent participants
come alive as they discovered a new way of looking at the world. “We were in
awe, watching our participants develop self-confidence each week. Anna was extremely encouraging, keeping things simple and engaging.” Due to the supportive learning environment, participants with limited photography experience felt as though they too could take beautiful photographs.

We were in awe, watching our participants develop self confidence each week...

“I didn’t know I had this talent,” enthused one participant. “Now I have something
to connect with my granddaughter over. She loves photography and I can show her my pictures and understand more about what she is doing.”

Circle of Friends staff Kimberlee Walker reflected that viewing people, life, and
events through a new angle and perspective while looking for the light was a lesson they all learned from photography. “We were all inspired to find hope and beauty where we least expected it, and where we may have overlooked it before.”