White tractor trailer truck with modified trailer attached with MCC logo on it.
Together, we can! February 3, 2023
Two people sit in front of a projector screen
February 2023: Peace is more than a wish with some creativity February 1, 2023
people in meeting under thatch roof
Hommage aux artisans de la paix February 1, 2023
Two women sitting on a red couch having a discussion. The woman on the left is speaking, while the woman on the right smiles and listens.
From conflict to hope February 1, 2023
people in meeting under thatch roof
Honouring peacebuilders February 1, 2023
A woman sitting on a floor beading a necklace.
Un nouvel espoir et une occasion de guérir January 30, 2023
woman holding comforter
De la bouse de vache à la courtepointe January 30, 2023
A group of people sitting in a shelter
Through the conflict, life carries on January 27, 2023
Quilt hangs on wall with people in front looking up at it.
"It has to be perfect." January 24, 2023
A man posing for a photo next to a statue
The book that keeps writing itself January 17, 2023
A group of people posing for a photo with Santa Claus
IVEPer is helpful in a “helpful” kind of way January 17, 2023
A family sitting in a rocking horse with Christmas trees in the background.
Going from foreign to familiar January 17, 2023
A person sitting on a log in the woods
Seasons, weather and feelings January 17, 2023
A group of people in the snow to go on tubing
Fellowship with the IVEPers January 17, 2023
Four students from Zimbabwe sit in front of a large tree with green canopy
Advocacy 2022: a year in review January 11, 2023