South Sudan distribution
Photo courtesy of ECS-SUDRA

People in Rubkona County, Unity State, pick up bags of sorghum (grain) and beans provided by MCC’s local partner, Episcopal Church of Sudan-Sudanese Development Relief Agency.

MCC is planning its next round of emergency assistance in Unity State, South Sudan – an area declared a famine zone by the United Nations.

In May, MCC distributed emergency food to 245 households in Rubkona County, Unity State. Working with our local partner, Episcopal Church of Sudan-Sudanese Development Relief Agency (SUDRA), the distribution provided sorghum (grain), beans, cooking oil and salt.

The food distribution also included salt (small packages held by woman above), and cooking oil. Photo courtesy of ECS-SUDRA

This first round of emergency food will help sustain the 245 households for about two months. However, the situation in Unity State is desperate and unlikely to improve in the immediate future. While some of the food insecurity is the result of drought, ongoing conflict in South Sudan is the major cause, and humanitarian organizations have difficulty reaching the most affected areas.

As the rainy season approaches, there are concerns about adequate shelter and malaria – which is transmitted by mosquitoes. SUDRA says along with food, materials such as tarps, tents and mosquito netting are needed. In consultation with SUDRA, MCC is planning its next response in Unity State.

MCC is also supporting work in Unity State to establish malnutrition treatment centres, where services are currently unavailable.

Millions of people in several African countries don’t have enough to eat. MCC is also responding in Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Chad. Our projects range from food distribution to cash transfers; from clean water to canned meat; from nutrition training to trauma healing.

In response to this crisis, the Canadian government has created a Famine Relief Fund. For every $1 donated to MCC for famine relief, $1 will go into the government’s fund for later distribution. 

Donations made from March 17-June 30 are eligible. MCC welcomes your donations and we encourage you to contribute by June 30, to meet the dollar-for-dollar deadline.

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