Imagine the scene;

A ray of sun breaks through a cloudy sky. A crowd gathered on the roof of 50 Kent in Kitchener sees the light fall onto one of 774 solar panels recently installed onto the organization’s provincial head office. In an instant, the beautiful sight is transferred into clean, renewable energy to be pumped back into the grid.

Beneath the people assembled above, hundreds more await their turn to view the array unveiled on September 10 by MCC Ontario and Community Energy Development Co-operative. Joined by mayor Berry Vrbanovic, Regional Chair Ken Seiling, MPP Diaene Vernille and over 300 guests, the day was a celebration of MCC’s ongoing commitment to caring for God’s creation.

“The event was an incredible success,” said MCC Ontario Executive Director Rick Cober Bauman of the Green Energy Doors Open gathering at 50 Kent, one of over 150 across the country on that day. “As an organization, we care deeply for the communities we are a part of – not only the people, but the land and environment that sustain them. This new solar array is a strong next step as we continue to invest in renewable energy and conservation practices.”

Throughout the event, attendees learned of the many others ways that the MCC building is conserving energy and natural resources – from specialized windows and lighting to a rainwater storage system that allows the whole building to run off of an equivalent amount of water used by a family of 3 or 4. Materials from the previous building were reused in the construction of the new one. Others were chosen based primarily on their environmental impact. It has been many years of ongoing efforts, recognized on September 10 by the community, civic leaders, and MCC supporters alike.

“We offer the community room, including kitchen and event-hosting space, for rentals to the community year-round,” added Bob Lebold, physical resources coordinator at 50 Kent. “It’s just another way that we can say to the people here that we care about them, that we love them, and that we want to see this community continue to thrive in a clean and sustainable way.”

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