Photo/Joan Schapansky

Caitlin Jeffery stands in front of the first ever Grow Hope Saskatchewan sign near Rosthern, SK.

Joan Schapansky is always looking for new opportunities to donate locally.  When she heard about Grow Hope Saskatchewan, and realized how close the field is to her home, she was excited about getting involved.  Joan lives in Rosthern and this year’s Grow Hope Saskatchewan field is just a mile down the road from her place - “I can drive by and look at it!” she says.

In fact, Joan’s excitement about the project has begun to inspire others in her family; a cousin from Edmonton has even expressed interest in the project! Joan even took her granddaughter, Caitlin Jeffery to visit the canola field and take a photo by the sign while she was visiting on summer break.

“Every time I drive by, I think some of that is mine!”   

It isn’t just the fact that the field was close to home that piqued her interest, but also the fact that this project provides the opportunity for her donation to grow alongside the crop. Recently, when her niece passed away, Joan decided to make a tribute donation in her name to Grow Hope, a beautiful way to honour her memory in a way that continues to grow. 

Having the ability to watch her donation grow, literally just down the road from her home, has connected Joan to the project in a tangible way. “Every time I drive by, I think some of that is mine!”