MCC photo/Paul Shetler Fast

The rains from Hurricane Matthew cover this street in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, as the category four hurricane swept over the country on Oct. 4.

A message from Rebecca Shetler Fast, MCC Haiti Representative-

"We are grateful to report that all 27 MCC staff members and their families are safe at this time. Many in Haiti are still waiting for news of their loved ones, and the true scale of this disaster is yet to be known.

We carry with us heavy hearts from the stories we have already heard, and the many we know we are yet to hear.

Stories of an MCC staff members’ relative in the South of Haiti, who stayed alone in the ruins of her home destroyed last night, exposed to the wind and rain, praying for safety.
Stories of neighbors coming out in the storm to nail down roofs and clear clogged drainage ditches to prevent flooding.

Stories of people and churches welcoming strangers fleeing the storm.

Stories of dozens of families at an MCC supported school, forced in the night into emergency shelter by flash flooding.

Please donate to MCC and the Hurricane response."

Heavy hearts in Haiti

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