MCC/Silas Crews

Rahaf Abdo, 23 of Deir Attieh helped MCC partner FDCD do crisis response need assessment in Syria.

Rahaf’s story

Even after the fighting began in other parts of Syria, I was not afraid in my own town. I went to the university, saw my friends and attended lectures.

Then our town, Deir Attieh, was attacked in November 2013. After the first big explosion, I told my parents, “I can’t live here. I think I will die from fright.”

We lived in the basement for a month. I was so afraid of dying, and I missed my friends who had died.

The worst thing now, even months later, is that I feel afraid of everything. I am afraid to take a taxi alone. If I take the bus, I sit near the centre, not near the windows, because it feels safer.

Even though I am afraid, I want to help people in Deir Attieh.

People struggle to get enough food to eat. [Through an MCC partner], I went door to door to assess food needs. It is not just meat that is unaffordable. It’s the fruit, vegetables, milk and cheese. Some people say they go to sleep hungry. It’s very hard to hear.

I no longer want to leave Syria. Helping people makes me want to stay.

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